2021 Symposium


Katz, N.Biological soil crust coverage and abundance are reduced along a gradient of disturbance by livestock at the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Rasmussen, C.Pedogenic record of environmental change in the Upper San Pedro River basin
Bradley, R.Are symbionts of invasive grasses a key to their ecological dominance in grasslands of southern Arizona?
Nagler, P.A Machine Learning and Data Fusion Approach for Classifying Landsat OLI Spectral and Vegetation Dynamic Data in Support of Habitat Mapping in the Santa Rita Mountains
Huerta, A.Rainfall Frequency and Intensity Impact Root Growth and Root Depth Variability in a Semi-Arid Grassland of the Southwest
Biederman, J.An introduction to RainManSR: A field manipulative experiment linking above- and below-ground responses to temporal repackaging of precipitation in a semiarid grassland agroecosystem
Blais, J.Quantifying the response of soil respiration to rainfall pulses: A comparison of weekly manual and continuous automated measurement techniques
Rutherford, A.Monsoon season precipitation variation, not herbaceous cover, controls shrub (Prosopis velutina) recruitment in Sonoran grasslands
Pierce, N.Investigating the drivers of perennial grass transplant mortality in a semiarid rangeland
Hu, T.The effect of Biological and Physical Processes on Soil Water Dynamics and its Feedback to Arizona Grassland
Zhang, F.Field evidence reveals atmospheric demand determines photosynthesis in a semiarid ecosystem
Javadian, M.Impacts of Rainfall Repackaging on Canopy Temperature in a Semiarid Grassland
Smith, W.Rainfall pulses drive coordinated responses in leaf hydraulic, biochemical, and photosynthetic traits that can be tracked with hyperspectral remote sensing
Devine, C.Applying novel remote sensing techniques in a rainfall manipulation experiment - progress and updates from the RainManSR project
Mayer, B.Grazing Management: Virtual Approach
Dwivedi, R.Use of SNOTEL, snow photography and lidar datasets for an improved understanding of amount, timing and duration of net water input to soil at contrasting forested sites in Arizona, USA
Wang, X.Characterizing the response of photosynthesis, spectral reflectance, and sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence to extreme drought at a semi-arid grassland site