2017 Symposium


Estrella, R.A Perspective for International Collaboration in Arid Lands Research in Baja California peninsula
Conejo, L.Assessing the Effects of Disturbance on Riparian Vegetation of Arid Ecosystems in Central Sonora
Roby, M.Controls on Soil Respiration in a Semiarid Grassland
Kariuki, S.How Does Recreational Camping Affect Cover Mediated Soil Microbial Activity?
Renken, W.Ecological State maps for the Santa Rita Experimental Range and Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed
Biederman, J.Shrubland Exchanges of Carbon Dioxide across Water Availability Gradients in the Warm Deserts of North America
Sutter, L.Improving our ability to analyze and asses land management by linking traditional ecosystem measurements with UAV spectral analysis
Rutherford, A.Does seed predation limit velvet mesquite (Prosopis velutina) recruitment in grasslands?
Abercrombie, S.Small Mammalian Herbivores Inhibit Grass Establishment in an Arid Shrubland
Burnett, A.Effects of Woody Encroachment on Anti-Predator Behavior and Communication in the Harris' Antelope Ground Squirrel
Ackerman, E.Accuracy of SfM Techniques in Complex Landscapes
Gillan, J.Estimating forage biomass and utilization in a desert grassland with small unmanned aerial system imagery
Engel, L.Objects Detection from Drone Images
Durlo, G.Spatial distribution of air temperature above a forest plantation determined from rapid measurements using small drones
Didan, K.Validation of Vegetation Indices from Landsat, MODIS and VIIRS using Drones and NEON AOP hyperspectral data collected at the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Hawkes, K.Comparing Trends in Vegetation Abundance and Drought Indices: 1972-2015