2013 Symposium


Zhang, X.Impact of Prolonged Drought on Rainfall Use Efficiency across China in the Early 21st Century
Huang, Y.Localized Precipitation, Temperature, and Vegetation Responses in Natural and Urban Areas to Regional Drought
Wei, H.Spatial Scale of Drought in a Meso-Scale Southwestern Watershed
McClaran, M.Frequency and Duration of Drought Patches across the Santa Rita Experimental Range, 1940-2012
Knudson, W.Is There a Correlation between Storm Origination and Maximum Saturation Events in the Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed?
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Levi, E.Soil Deposition and UV Radiation Influence Litter Decomposition in a Shrub-Invaded Dryland Ecosystem
Gebhardt, M.Soil Biotic Indicators for Improving Native Plant Establishment in Disturbed Southwestern Grasslands
Kwiecien, A.Mesquite and Cactus Abundance on a Grazed and Protected Sonoran Desert Grassland Site
Szutu, D.The Impact of Grazing Regimes on Event-Scale Rainfall-Runoff Relationships: A Case Study at Santa Rita Experimental Range, Arizona
Dalke, A.A Recalibration of the Percent Ungrazed Plant Method to Estimate Utilization in Semi-Desert Grassland Invaded by Lovegrass
Ponce-Campos, G.Evaluating Grazing and Climate Effects on Rangeland Cover and Production with MODIS Products
Mathias, A.Modeling the Climate and Hydrological Controls of the Expansion of an Invasive Grass over Southern Arizona
Wilcox, D.Understory Growth Dynamics Following High Severity Burn in a Mixed-Conifer Ecosystem
Mitra, B.Are Allometric Relationships for Mixed-Conifer Species Generalizable? Implications for Upscaling in Sap Flow Applications
Kidder, A.Towards Understanding the Ecohydrologic Controls on the Phenology of Pima Pineapple Cactus
Yule, K.Reproductive Biology of a Mutualist-Vectored Parasitic Plant Differs with Host Species
Nielsen, M.Interactions between Behavioral Thermoregulation and Color Change in Pipevine Swallowtail Caterpillars (Battus philenor)
Abdollahzadeh, A.Comparing Solar Radiation on Domed Roofs and Flat Roofs in Arid Regions
Ocampo-Melgar, A.Connecting Knowledge for Integrated Assessment of Land Management Actions in the San Simon Watershed
Chan, D.Linking Land Cover to Ecosystem Services
Shiach, I.The Potential for Hybrid Poplar as a Biofuel in Southern Arizona
Cendrero Mateo, M.Comparison between Active and Passive Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements at Leaf Level