2011 Symposium


Reed, M.Mapping Arizona Wetlands
Nguyen, U.Vegetation Phenology and Intensity as a Function of Climate and River Flows for an Ephemeral Desert River, 2000 to 2010, Using MODIS Satellite Data
Robinett, D.Babacomari River Riparian Protection Project
Bruegger, R.Efficacy of Using Supplementation and Herding to Reduce Fine Fuels in the Santa Rita Mountains of southeastern Arizona
Nicholas, H.Estimating infiltration rates for intermittent streams in the semiarid southwest: implications for ecosystem processes
Levi, E.Soil-litter mixing accelerates decomposition and facilitates soil aggregation in a shrub-invaded Sonoran Desert grassland
Dalke, A.Validating Expert-Based State-and-Transition Models using Long-term Data
Wei, H.Are droughts more likely during grazing periods than rest periods in rotational systems?
Bunting, D.Estimating large-scale evapotranspiration in arid and semi-arid systems
Pierini, N.Watershed-Scale Ecohydrological Dynamics in the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Aguillon, S.Short-Term Leaf Litter Decomposition on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Law, D.A new approach for predicting near-surface wind using high-resolution characterizations of canopy architecture from hemispherical photography and LiDAR: a preliminary assessment at the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Deviche, P.Rapid effects of capture and handling on circulating hormone concentrations in the male Rufous-winged Sparrow, Peucaea carpalis
Bittner, S.Corticosterone's relationship with parental investments in a Sonoran desert passerine, the Rufous-winged Sparrow, Peucaea carpalis