2007 Symposium


McLain, J.
McClaran, M.
Martens, D.
Soil Cycling of Methane in Response to Grazing and Mesquite Management in the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Meixner, T.
Brooks, P.
Hogan, J.
Oelsner, G.
Baillie, M.
Soto, C.
Simpson, S.
Significance of Overland Flow in Sustaining Water Resources of Arid and Semi-arid Rivers - Water Quantity and Quality Implications
Villegas, J.
Breshears, D.
Zou, C.
Soil Evaporation as a Function of Canopy Cover: Method Calibration and Preliminary Observations at the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Bachi, A.
Rosenzweig, M.
The Tucson Hummingbird Project: An Experimental Study of Community Ecology and Reconciliation on a City-wide Scale
Leitner, W.
Norris, L.
Inventory and Monitoring of Bird Populations in Florida Canyon on the Santa Rita Experimental Range
Davidson, J.
Kariyeva, J.
van Leeuwen, W.
Precipitation and Vegetation Phenology In and Around the Santa Rita Experimental Range: Comparison of Three Remote Measures
Woods, S.
Archer, S.
Schwinning, S.
Influences of Shrub Seedling Root Development on Initial Establishment and Encroachment Potential
Muenemann, M.Quantifying the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Woody Plant Encroachment: An Integrative Remote Sensing, GIS, and Spatial Modeling Approach
Mashiri, F.
McClaran, M.
Long-term Effects of Yearlong and Seasonal Rotation Grazing on the Spatial Homogeneity of Grass
Hamerlynck, E.
Holifield Collins, C.
Stone, J.
Shifts in Canopy and Ground Cover Following Lehmann's Lovegrass Invasion
Olsson, A.
Wisneski, K.
Geospatial Collaboration for Buffelgrass Control on the SRER
Wisneski, K.
Olsson, A.
Orr, B.
McClaran, M.
Utilizing Geospatial Technologies for Invasive Species Mapping & Control
Slaughter, A.
Laliberte, A.
Winters, C.
Rango, A.
Acquisition, Orthorectification, and Classification of Hyperspatial UAV Imagery