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Precipitation Event

Site Parameters
Gages: (See examples at right)
Gage Input:
1,5,9   (comma-separated)
1 5 9   (space-separated)
1;5;9   (semi-colon-separated)
1-3  (use dash to specify a range)
1-3,5,7-9   (combinations allowed)


Start Date:      
End Date:   
Months:    All
Jan Feb Mar Apr
May Jun Jul Aug
Sep Oct Nov Dec


Watershed Map

Click link to view map in a new window:

Output Parameters
Output Type: Summary Breakpoint
Output Format: HTML Excel Text
Sort By: Gage Date
Units: inches mm


Thresholds: Minimum Maximum



When using the Excel Output Format, use the extension ".xls" when saving the spreadsheet to your computer.  Also, once you are in Excel, do a "Save As" operation, and under the "Save as type:" option, choose "Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls)".