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Contents of Volume IV
Dynamic Monitoring, Forecasting and Evaluation of Soil Erosion
Watershed Management and Development
Desertification Control

Evaluating, Monitoring and Forecasting Erosion

Eric Roose


The WOCAT Map Methodology, a Standardized Tool for Mapping Degradation and Conservation

Godert Van Lynden, Hanspeter Liniger and Gudrun Schwilch


Monitoring Land Degradation and Erosion Control Measures : Analysis of Multitemporal Satellite Data of the West African Sahel

Kirsch-Jung, Karl P. and
Kusserow, Hannelore


The Limitation of Using Cesium-137 for Investigating Soil Erosion in Devastated Hills in Southeastern China

Taro Uchida , Takahisa Mizuayma ,
Akitsu Kimoto , Yuko Asano  and
Li Changhua


Laboratory Experiment and Theoretical Analysis of Dynamic Parameters for Water Erosion Prediction Model

Zhang Q.W , Lei T.W , Liu J.G ,
Wang  H. and Liu Q.K


Dynamic Monitoring of Ecological Environment of Ejin Banner Oasis Using Remote Sensing Technology in Newly 15 Years

Wang Xinyuan, Hu Wei, Gao Chao and Chang Yueming


Mine-erosion: An Integrated Erosion and Landscape Design Package for Monitoring and Modeling Erosion from Steep Hillslopes on Minespoils

H.B. So, K. Yatapanage and
C.P. Horn


Wind Erosion Mapping and Monitoring in the Central Rift Valley of Kenya Using  Small-Format Aerial Photography (SFAP)

GR Hennemann and A Nagelhout


Monitoring System for Soil Erosion in Shixia Pilot Small Watershed in Beijing

Duan Shuhuai , Zhou Yuxi , Li Wuqin and  Li Yonggui


Digital Elevation Model Extraction and Erosion Process Simulation

Tang Zhenghong and Cai Qiangguo


Monitoring of Soil and Nutrient Losses in the Sichuan Purple Hilly Area in China

Erik Van Den Elsen, Chen Yibing ,
Jannes Stolte , Shi Xuezheng  and
Coen Ritsema


Discussion of Management Information System of Sloping Farmland in Three Gorges Reservoir Region

Kong Deshu and Chen Xiaoyan


Application of Remote Sensing Image in Soil & Water Conservation and Soil Erosion Survey

Hao Jie


Assessment of Erosion Risk with the Rusle and GIS in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Hanjiang River

Shi Z.H., Cai C.F., Ding S.W., Li Z.X.,
Wang T.W. and Sun Z.C.


Land-Use Planning and Remote Sensing as Instruments for Erosion Control in the Loess Plateau of Shaanxi Province, P.R. of China

Rudolf Seitz, Ulrich Ammer and
Anton Fischer


Soil Erosion Dynamic Monitoring in Ratgp by Using "3S" Technology

Zhao Junhua


Application of GPS and GIS to Map Main Logging Road Features in Peninsular Malaysia

Ahmad Che Abdul Salam ,
Abdul Rahim Nik , Baharuddin Kasran and Rohati Shafie


Soil Loss Risk Assessment Based GIS ¨C in Case of Jiangxi Province

Zou Yarong, Zhang Zengxiang,
Zhou Quanbin and Liu Bin


Using Intelligent Remote Sensing Interpretation to Monitor Soil Erosion in Guiyang China

Yang Shengtian,  Zhu Qijiang and
Xiao Honglin


The Application of "3S" Integration  Technique in Carrying out the Plan of Environment Rehabilitation and Water and Soil Conservation

Yu Quangang , Ma Anli and
Zhao Bangyuan


Adapting the Lisem Model to Loess Plateau Conditions

Rudi Hessel


Application of GIS on Soil and Water Conservation Plan for Small Watershed

Shi Xuejian, Wu Qing,
Chen Fazhong and Wang Changgao


Texture Interpretation Keys Using in Remote Sensing Investigation of Soil Erosion

Ma Weimin


R-Factor Prediction for Australian and the U.S. Sites Using Weather Generators

B. Yu


Total Quantity Control Research of NPS Pollution of Suzhou Creek Based on GIS

Wang Shaoping , Yu Lizhong and
Cheng Shengtong


Stochastic Modelling of Soil Erosion and Deposition

Aleksey Sidorchuk


Regional Evaluation of Soil Erosion by Water: A Case Study in the Loess Plateau of China

Yang Qinke, Li Rui ,
Zhang Xiaoping and Hu Liangjun


The Study on the Sediment Production and Transportation on the Loess Hill Regions in the Eastern Parts of Inner Mongolia

Yu Quanen, Chen Gang and Zu Zihong


Mapping of the Soil Erosion Using the Digital Relief Model

Victor E. Chub and
Sergey V. Myagkov


Research on the Tolerance Erosion Value of Soil on Weathering Granite Parent Material

Zhang Liping


Landslide of Surface Layer on the Slope and Estimation of Basin Sediment Yield

Xu Y.N.,  Wang L.,  Shu A.P. and
Kuang S.F.


Prediction Model of Soil Nutrients Loss Based on Artificial Neural Network

Wang Zhiliang, Zhang Li ,
Liang Chuan and Fu Qian


Microtopographic Erosion Features as Indicator of Erosion Hazard for Conservation Advice

Lok Bahadur Kunwar , Eelko Bergsma and Dhruba Pikha Shrestha


Inquiry for a Calculated Method of Soil Loss Amount from Irrigular Slopes

Zhao Xiaoguang,  Li Kairong , Shi Hui


Studies on the Optimum Model of Forest for Soil and Water Conservation

Li Shu-Ren,  Zhao Yong,
Yan Zhiping and Song Xuan


Erosion Control and Prediction in Cassava Based Cropping Systems in the Southern Andean Region of Colombia

Sonder Kai, Karl M¨¹ller-Sämann ,
Thomas Hilger  and Dietrich Leihner


Analytic Determination of Soil Erodibility and Critical Shear Stress

Lei T.W, Zhang Q.W, Xia W.S ,
Pan Y.H and Liu J.G


Forecast and Assessment of Water and Soil Loss for Hu-Bao Highway Construction

Yi Min, Zhang Qingqong, Jia Weijun and Li Guopin


Spaceborne Observation of Catchment Surface Changing Conditions Generating Excess Runoff, Erosion and Flood Risk Downstream

Ferdinand Bonn, Mahmod Sahebi,
Joel Angles, Laurie St-Onge,
Eric Arsenault, Pham Van Cu and
Jill Smyth


Soil Carbon and Nutrient Changes under Soil Erosion and GIS-Based Simulation

Zhu Yuanda£¬ Cai Qiangguo and
Zhang Guangyuan


Calibration and Up-Scaling of an Erosion Model as a Tool for Farmers Involvement to Define Alternative Land Use

Jannes Stolte, Chen Yibing,
Coen J. Ritsema, Erik Van Den Elsen,
Janneke Reijnders and John Thompson


Soil Erosion Models Used in Romania

Nelu Popa


Structural Indicator Response of Soil Quality to Forestry Cultivation on the Loess Plateau of China

He Xiubin, Zheng Fenli,
Zhang Chenge and Tang Keli


Process-Based Models for Simulation and Prediction of Erosion-Related Organic Carbon Losses on the National Scale: an Example for New Zealand

A.Sidorchuk, N.Preston, L.Basher, T.Baisden, N.Trustrum and K.Tate


Forecast Estimation of Heavy Metals Values in a Soils

T. Koroleva


Study on Simple Transpiration Model and Fitted Measurement Time for Dominant Plant at Mudstone Area in Taiwan

Chang Chunpin, Chang Jingcheng and
Beaver Lin


Soil Erosion Information Entropy: A Comprehensive Measure Index and Simulation Tool for Land Surface Erodibility

Zhu Qijiang , Shuai Yanmin ,
Chen Xue and Gan Dayong


Soil Phosphate Regime in Experimental Soil Profile Amelioration

Karel Voplakal


Quantification of the Geomorphic and Hydrologic Roles of the Tunnel Systems in a Semi-Arid Watershed of the Loess Plateau in China

Tongxin Zhu


Applying PPE Model Based on RAGA in Evaluating the Soil Quantity Variation

Fu Qiang, Xie Yonggang and
Wang Zhiliang


The Qualitative Assessment of Water Erosion Risk in the Moist Savanna of Benin

Attanda  Mouinou Igue


Evaluation of Ecological Effect in Vegetative Planning for 921 Earthquake's Landslide in Taiwan

Chang Chun-Pin, Sun Ming-Te and
Yen Chengping


A Three-Dimensional Representation of Soil Profile Depth and Crop Yield over an Eroded Landscape

Arriaga F. J.  and B. Lowery


Analysis of Soil Pore Images: Thresholding and Configuration Entropy

Ana M. Tarquis , Daniel Gim¨¦nez,
Antonio Saa and M.C. D


Geomorphological Aspects for Runoff Prediction in a Himalayan Catchment

Jitendra Sinha, J. K. Singh and
Akhilesh Kumar


Using Nutrient Balance to Estimate Net C Balance in Landslide-Prone Pastoral Hill Country: Testing the "Dynamic Equilibrium" Hypothesis in New Zealand Soft-Rock Landscapes

W. Troy Baisden, Roger L. Parfitt and
Noel A. Trustrum


Integrated Photogrammetric-Celerimetric Analysis to Detect Soil Translocation due to Land Levelling

Paolo Bazzoffi


Evaluation of Soil Health Indicators in Different Land Uses

Zhang Jia¡¯en , W.W. Mcfee ,
Diane Stott  and Steven Green


Soil Erosion under Land Use Change from Three Catchments in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam

Chaplot V., Boonsaner A.,
Bricquet J.P. De Rouw A.,
Janeau J.L., Marchand P.,
Phommassack T., ToanT.D. and
Valentin C.


The Situation and Countermeasures of Supervising and Executing Law of Soil and Water Conservation in Fujian

Chen Shanmu


Ecosystem Services and Assessment of Water Protection Forests

Liu Xia and Zhang Guangcan


An Index System and Method for Soil Productivity Evaluation on the Hillsides in the Loess Plateau

Li Peng, Li Zhanbin and Zhao Zhong


Watershed Management and Development Incentive System of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management in Indonesia

Murtilaksono K. and Putro H. R.


Adapting Wepp (Water Erosion Prediction Project) for Forest Watershed Erosion Modeling

Joan Q. Wu , Arthur C. Xu  and
William J. Elliot


Theory and Practice of Watershed Management in China

Wang Lixian


Health Assessment of a Small Watershed on the Loess Plateau

Liu Guobin , Xu Mingxiang and
Hu Weiyin


Monitoring of Watershed Management Programmes in India Experiences of the Indeo-German Bilateral Project "Watershed Management"

G. Honore  and C. M. Pandey


Soil Erosion Management in Catchments: Identifying Best Bet Options with Farmers' Participation

A.R. Maglinao , F. Agus , R.O. Ilao ,
T.D. Toan  and E. Penning De Vries


Impact of Watershed Management Technology and Development Programme in Tikamgarh District of Madhya Pradesh (India)

A.M.Rajput  and A.R.Verma


Study on Soil Erosion Systems Simulation of Small Watershed in Loess Area

Li Qinghe


Rejuvenation of Rivulets: Farm Pond Based Watershed Development

B.K. Kakade, G.S.Neelam, K.J.Petare and C.Doreswamy


Experiences on Measures to Soil Conservation and Utilization of Water Sources for Productivity in a Watershed Area of Bangladesh

A.T.M.Emdad Hossain and 
Paul S. P.


Study on the Eco-Environmental Control Models of Small Basin in Arid Land, Western China

Zuo Qiting and Ma Junxia


Watershed Management for Sustainable Agriculture in Indian Perspectives



Strategies for Soil Conservation and Watershed Management in Siwaliks, India

A.V. Shanwal and S.S.Dahiya


The Evaluation of Ecological Achitecture in the Qinggangba Small Watershed

Liu Zhanxin , Zhang Guoliang and
Li Risheng


Effect of Melamchi Water Supply Project on Soil and Water Conservation in the Indrawati River Basin, Nepal

Chiranjivi Sharma


Integrated Watershed Management in the Foot Hills of the Western Himalayas

R. A. Singh and M. B. Shrivastava


Sustainable Agriculture through Integrated Management of Micro-Watershed in Individual Land Holding under Alfisol Regions of Karnataka

Murukannappa, Somashekara. K., Panduranga and Shankar. M.A


To Promote Continued Advance in Agriculture by Establishing Good Ecological Environment

Shuang Rui , Xiang Xiaoxia ,
Li Risheng and Shuang Shudong


Analyses of Soil and Water Conservation Technologies in Vegetable Based Upland Production System of Manupali Watershed

Antonio M. Daño, David J.Midmore


Integrated Development of Natural Resources on Watershed Basis of Solsinda Micro Watershed for Increased Agricultural Production

R.S.Nema, S.K.Jain and O.P.Verma


Role of Horticultural Crops in Watershed Development Programmes under Semi-Arid Sub Tropical Dryland Conditions of Western India

N.N.Reddy, M.J.C.Reddy, M.V.Reddy, Y.V.R.Reddy,  G.Sastry and H.P.Singh


An Economic Enquiry in to Synergistic Effects of Watershed Development Project on Farm Economy in Hot Semi-Arid Eco-Region of Rajasthan, India

Ashok Kumar, S.V.Singh, K.D.Singh and S.N.Prasad


Doing Well the Work of Soil and Water Conservation to Serve Rural Economy in Mountain Area - A Case Study in Qianlabagou Small Watershed

Yuan Shuli, Guo Yijun and
Shi Zhongfeng


Watershed Management Programs for Increasing Land Productivity and Appropriate Withdrawal Strategies   for Long Term Sustainability in Rain Fed Lands of India

G. Sastry, Om Prakash Y.V.R. Reddy;  and H.P. Singh


Integrating Resource Conservation through Watershed Management in Uttaranchal Himalayas - Issues in Land Use Planning

B.L.Dhyani, A.Raizada and P.Dogra


Effect of Contour Hedgerow-Intercropping System on Slope Land and Some Problems of Application in TGR

Cai Chongfa, Ding Shuwen,
Shi Zhihua, Li Zhaoxia and
Zheng Chuangmu


Analysis of the Benefits of Soil and Water Conservation for Comprehensive Harness in Qinggangba Small Watershed

Tian Yingchao


Effects of Land Use Patterns on Land Production Potential of Purple Soil

He Changgao


Bench Terrace Design Made Simple

Ted C. Sheng


Analyse on Spatial-Temporal Features of Land Use /Land Cover under the Different Background of Soil Erosion

Wang Siyuan, Zhang Zengxiang,
Zhao Xiaoli and Zhou Quanbin


Studies on the Methods of Utilization of Natural Grassland in Ecological Construction within Northern Agro-Grazing Ecotone of Yinshan Mountains, Inner Mongolia

Chen Zhengxin , Wang Xuedong ,
Shi Shibin , Yu Quanen  and Song Jie


The Road of Eco-Agricultural Construction in Zhifanggou Watershed

Liu Wenzhao, Liu Guobin, Li Rui,
Liang Yimin and Hou Xilu


The Effects of a Dry Stone Anti-Erosive Management on the Strength and Shape of Floods: Example of the Zioud Wadi Watershed in Central Tunisia

Med. Bergaoui  and J. Albergel


Land and Water Integrated Management in a Small Watershed: Hydrological and Chemical Results

Paola Rossi Pisa, Francesca Ventura


Rainfall Collection & Water-Saving Irrigation Project and Ecological Water for Small Watershed Soil & Water Conservation in Semi-Arid & Extremely Water Deficient Region

Li Zhongyuan and Xu Chunxia


Diffuse Pollution Control and Water Soil Conservation in the Watershed of Miyun Reservoir, Beijing, China - An Example of Shixia Catchment, Miyun County

Wang Xiaoyan , Wang Yixun ,
Cai Xinguang , Wang Ruxin,
Hu Qiuju , Wang Xiaofeng,  
Wang Zenggang , Wang Qingping
and Wang Lianru


Management of Land and  Water Resources with People's Participation in Shivalik Foothills of Northern India

S.P. Mittal and  R.K. Aggarwal


Participatory Watershed Management: A Case Study of Salaiyur Watershed in Coimbatore, India

Alok K.Sikka, M.Madhu, V.Selvi, K.Jeevarathanam, Subhash Chand and D.V.Singh


Land and Water Care Through Participatory Watershed Management in India : An Overview

Alok K. Sikka  and V.N. Sharda


Need for Watershed Management Programmes for Rural Development in India

Om Prakash, Y.V.R. Reddy,
G. Sastry and H.P. Singh


Major Composite Indicators for Environmental Impact Assessment of Watershed Management Projects

D.C. Das and Ashish Deepankar


Economic Analysis of Watershed Management and Development in Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh (India)

A.R. Verma , A.M. Rajput and 
R.N. Srivastava


Assessment of Nutrient Flux through Runoff Water from Forest Ecosystem for Crop Production in Agroecosystem in Himalyan Watershed

Gopal Krishna Dwivedi


Point Source Nutrient Reduction Technology Innovation in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Allison Wiedeman


Desertification:Its Nature, Extent and Impact and the Interaction with Global Climate Change

Victor R.Squires


Desertification Control and Sandstorm Mitigation in the Area Encircling Beijing - with a Discussion on the Application of Bayesian Network and Hydrological Modeling

Yang H., Abbaspour K. C. and
Zhang Y.L.


The Main Results of Agroforestry Amelioration and Desertification Control in the Northern Caspian Semidesert Area in Russia

Marina Sizemskaya, Mamaj Sapanov, Irina Olovyannikova and
Tatiana Sokolova


Irrigation and Desertification: Ecological Consequences of Arid Land Reclamation in the Aral Sea Basin and Land Degradation Control

N. Orlovsky and L. Orlovsky


The Effect of Coarse Sand and Grass Roots on Wind Erosion from Desertified Lands

Yu Yi ,Okumura Takenobu,
Sueyasu Katsumi and
Kamichika Makio


Mechanics of Wind Erosion of Soils

G.P. Glazunov, V.M. Gendugov and
N. Nurmukanova


The Analysis of Desertification Process in Mu-Us Sandy Land Using Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS and Field Survey

Kobayashi, Tatsuaki , Nakayama,
Seiken , Wang Limin ,
Li Guoqiang  and Yang Jie


Wind Erosion Processes During Dust Storm in Dunhuang, China

Du Mingyuan , Seiichiro Yonemura , Shen Zhibao , Shen Yanbo,
Wang Wanfu and Taichi Maki


From Earth Observation to Desertification Monitoring and Drought Early Warning

Claude Heimo and Eef-Switzerland


Desertification Hazard in a Mountainous Ecosystem in the High Atlas Region, Morocco

A. Klik , R. Kaitna  and M. Badraoui


The CCD as a Strategic Framework for Natural Resource Management in Dry Zones Mainstreaming the CCD, and  Synergies between the Conventions

Winckler, G.


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